CRM Core Features

CRM Basic Module

With this CRM module you can do:

Take A Personalized Approach
Manage Contacts with Life State
Note that Important Stuff
Built in Mail Correspondance
Log Different Activities
Schedule a Meeting or a Call
Assign Tasks to Other People
Deal Companies Better
Advanced Contact Filtering
Filter with Saved Searches
Group Your Contacts


With this modulecan do:

Create and maintain multiple pipelines simultaneously
Assign deals to multiple stages
Create or edit stages
Drag and drop to change between stages
Assign tasks or create schedules between contacts and CRM agents
Monitor progress with real-time status reports

Benefits of this module:
Fully customizable pipeline based automated management system.
Integrated with CRM module of  bizAdviser.
Great overview section to give bird’s eye view of your deals.
Built-in system to create, monitor, assign and schedule activities.
Effective reporting capabilities to track and check created deals.
Improved and understandable charts and diagrams portraying your sales and activity data.

CRM Additional Features


Benefits of the Workflow module:

Automated system to trigger actions without facing prior difficulties.
Easy to understand interface.
Saves your time and make things more effective.
Manage triggered actions according to your requirements.
With this module you can do:

Create automated action based on different types of events within your bizAdvisor system.
It is fully compatible with all the modules of bizAdvisor.
Create actions based on different modules and set conditions.
Trigger actions when an event happen.
Manage all created workflows from a single page.
Control the status of the workflows easily.


Benefits of the Reimbursement module:

Automated system to manage your employee expenses.
Easy approval system for created reimbursements.
Compatible with HRM and Accounting module.
Reimbursement creation from both employee and admin side.
Complete payments directly from accounts using Accounting module.
With this add-on, you can →

Create receipts from your admin dashboard.
Select employees registered within the HRM system while creating new receipts.
Allow your employees to create their own receipts.
Approve created receipts easily.
Print approved receipts.
Complete payment directly from accounts available from Accounts module.
Preview available accounts and their status while completing a payment.
Create payment vouchers and print them.

SMS Notification

Connect with employees better

The HR module has a announcement feature with appears at employee dashboard. With the SMS notification feature, you can send cellphone notifications to all employees or a selected department members when the announcement is that urgent. It is always good to keep your employees up to date.

Supported gateways:


Salesforce Contacts Sync

With this module you can do:

Sync SalesForce lists to CRM contact groups.
Sync CRM contact lists to SalesForce lists.
Select destination or source contact list and contact groups.
You do not need any API key, it works without any configuration with OAuth method.

Email Campaign

With this add-on you can do:

Create emails quickly using themes or templates. (20 templates and 7 themes included for free)
Email builder allows you to preview the changes in real time as you play with them.
Automate or send mails manually with scheduling.
Generate mailing list from multiple contact lists and even saved search results.
Makes email formatting responsive according to device.
Set UTM parameters for mails to crunch data in Google Analytics.
Edit or customize templates and themes.
Create emails, templates or themes from scratch.
Supports embedding wp posts and video with auto thumbnail preview.
Directly insert names, addresses or any other custom field information for all recipients automatically.
Can detect double entry – saves you from the embarrassment of sending the same email more than once.
Schedule mails so that recipients get them in their most convenient time.
Insert customized buttons and social icons bar with one click.

Custom Field Builder

With this add-on you can do:

Add fields with options for password, text, dropdown, radio button, checkbox, calendar date, email, url, number field types etc.
Customize Employee form (HR), Contact form (CRM), Company form (CRM). Recruitment form (HR).
Add a default placeholder text and help text.
Use fields with meta keys.

Document Manager

With this extension you can,

Upload files to your server.
Create directories
All sorts of file extension supported.
File size capping.
File access restricted only for the manager role.

Gravity Forms

Benefits of this module:

Mapping between the gravity form and CRM profile
Automatic syncing when a new user registers
Contact status can be defined for the new registered users

Hubspot Contacts

With this extension you can do:

Sync Hubspot contact lists to → CRM contact groups.
CRM contact groups to → sync Hubspot contact lists.
Select destination or source contact list and contact groups.

Mailchimp Contacts Sync

With this module you can do:

Sync MailChimp lists to CRM contact groups.
CRM contact groups to sync Mailchimp lists.
Select destination or source contact list and contact groups.
All you need is an API key.

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