Accounting Core Features

Accounting basic module

You can do with this module:

Real time Transactions
Preloaded Accounts for Speed
Sales Transactions
Receive Payments
Sales Invoices
Expense Transactions
Payment Voucher
Vendor Credit
Bank Accounts
Transfer Money
Journal Entry for Real Accountants


With this extension you will be able to

Create stock with purchases and sell price notes.
Purchase or sell from stock on credit or cash.
Link invoices to stock purchases.
Add purchase tax calculation on the stock.
Generate reports on purchases, stocks and sales.

Accounting Additional Features


Benefits of the Workflow module:

Automated system to trigger actions without facing prior difficulties.
Easy to understand interface.
Saves your time and make things more effective.
Manage triggered actions according to your requirements.
With this module you can do:

Create automated action based on different types of events within your bizAdvisor system.
It is fully compatible with all the modules of bizAdvisor.
Create actions based on different modules and set conditions.
Trigger actions when an event happen.
Manage all created workflows from a single page.
Control the status of the workflows easily.


Benefits of the Reimbursement module:

Automated system to manage your employee expenses.
Easy approval system for created reimbursements.
Compatible with HRM and Accounting module.
Reimbursement creation from both employee and admin side.
Complete payments directly from accounts using Accounting module.
With this add-on, you can →

Create receipts from your admin dashboard.
Select employees registered within the HRM system while creating new receipts.
Allow your employees to create their own receipts.
Approve created receipts easily.
Print approved receipts.
Complete payment directly from accounts available from Accounts module.
Preview available accounts and their status while completing a payment.
Create payment vouchers and print them.


You can do with this module:

Get a bird’s eye view of the payroll system from the dashboard.
Set up account heads for assets, salary and tax reporting from accounting module.
Choose specific payment methods for your employees and also for specific ones.
Create pay calendars for each of your employees and set up basic pay rate from the HR module’s Payroll settings.
Approve, edit or remove pay calendars if required.
Create different types of pay items (allowance or deduction) for your employees.
Add allowance or deduction amount to your employees’ profiles.
Run pay calendars on specific dates automatically for each of the session (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly).
Generate useful reports to take important business decisions regarding employee salary.
Print salary invoice for each of your employees.

E-commerce Integration

You can do with this module:

Sync your WooCommerce order data with your bizAdvizor System
Manage your sales in an organized way using accounting module
Allow your CRM agents to track WooCommerce orders
Automatically add your existing and newly registered WooCommerce customers to the CRM contact list
Segment your customers into life states according to their activities (i.e. when they subscribe, when they place an order and also when they complete a payment)
Make segments of contacts and WooCommerce customers based on the products they have bought, the place they live, the last billing address they used and 20 other important filters!
Filter out customers who have purchased an exact, less than or more than an amount.
Allow your CRM agents to see the customer log from the contact’s profile that contains all the actions the customer has taken on your site.
Track your WooCommerce sales from ERP Accounting module
Store your WooCommerce sales amount into specific accounts of the Accounting module

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